Cost-effective eMarketing for targeted audience.
Our email blasting service encompasses all the tools you will need to stay in touch with your clients and customers, keep them clued-up about your company and remind them of your brand presence. Our email newsletter service starts with a professionally designed template to which you can add your own logo, theme, fonts and colors. Customized newsletters keep your clients informed about developments and events within your company and, more importantly, keep them interested. Features and Benefits of Our Email Blasting Services We can help you send hundreds of thousands of professional quality emails simultaneously to your customer base, or as you require. With an increasing number of online users now accepting e-notices, e-statements and e-updates, you can customize our email blasting service to maximize its marketing potential, reduce your printing costs and increase your productivity and profit. The features of our services are listed below:- – Personalized and customized ads – No bouncing emails – Easy to use. With just one click your ad will be immediately blasted to the full database of recipients. – Convenient format like HTML or Plain Text. Send ads which include pictures, flash, sound, font colors, or anything else you can imagine, or just Plain text as you like. – Save your ads to use for future mailings or campaigns – Our service ensures that other ads are not attached to your email so the focus of the recipient remains solely on your advertisement. Any recipient or mailing list individual who bounces your email is removed and replaced with a fresh lead.
Our Customized Email Blasts can: – Cross promote other companies’ products – Promote affiliate programs – Inform and educate your audience – Market existing customers with an irresistible offer and convince them to buy immediately – Market directly to your target audience and qualified prospects to acquire new business – Strengthen your relationship with existing customers, encouraging customer loyalty and retention of business. Reasons to join our Email Blast service Our proven service offers one of the maximum cost-to-conversion ratios on the Internet. We can enable you to drastically increase your sales and out-perform your competitors. Our secure web based server will allow for targeted email blasts and we can assure you that, unlike several of our competitors, your client information will never be passed on for use by third parties. We provide a 100% Spam free service so you need have no concerns about receiving Spam complaints. We provide all disclosures and removal links for you so you can design the best advertisement for your ad campaign without any interruptions.